Tailored gas projects

AMC Gas Reception Station Project

Not-for-profit organisations, such as hospitals and local government institutions, often enlist the services of Liandon for ‘free domain’ projects. AMC medical centre, for instance, commissioned Liandon and several partners to build a new gas reception station catering to AMC’s current and future needs. Read more ›

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Working on renewability

Almere Solar Island Project

Liandon was commissioned to build the Almere Solar Island by Nuon and the municipality of Almere. The solar island provides the residents of the Noorderplassen West neighbourhood with  renewable heating. Read more ›

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A high-reach, high-voltage job – Liandon

KPN Aerial Installation Project

For many years, Liandon has worked with various telecom providers on the construction of aerial installations in high-voltage pylons throughout the Netherlands. One of our key clients is KPN. Read more ›

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Cooling offices with cold water

Renewable Cooling Project in Amsterdam South East

Liandon is working for Nuon to install a cooling system in Amsterdam South East. Water that is naturally chilled during the winter is extracted from deep water reservoirs and lakes to provide cooling to offices in the summer. Read more ›

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25kV Rail mobility

Betuweroute Electrification Project

Liandon is responsible for realising the complete electrification of the A15 section of the Betuweroute: the second-largest infrastructure project ever to be carried out by the Dutch government. The Betuweroute is the first 25 kV railway line in the Netherlands.

Read more ›

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High-voltage in Flevopolder

Flevo Power Station 380 kV Connection Project

Liandon is highly experienced in working with 150 kV voltages. The Flevo Power Station Project also demonstrates Liandon’s expertise in 380 kV technology. Working closely with the customer, main builder and grid managers, Liandon realised a 150 Kv and 380 kV connection between two combined cycle gas turbine (CCGT) plants and TenneT substations. Read more ›

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Unique renewable energy project in Dronten

Dronten – Liandon contributed its expertise to help expand the Dronten energy network to include several wind turbines for renewable energy production. Alliander and TenneT requested Liandon to assist with the implementation of this special project. Read more ›

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Fewer dug-up roads thanks to innovative electricity cable

Amsterdam – Over the past three days, an innovative 150 kV electricity cable called the CityCable was tested at Science Park Amsterdam. This newly-developed cable is highly innovative in enabling the replacement of existing steel pipe-encased 150 kV cables without digging up the street. Read more ›

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New Zuilichem Control Station equipped with SA Sensor technology

Arnhem – Alliander is strongly contributing to the development of smart grids with SA Sensor technology. ‘This marks our first steps towards a smart grid that is ready for future developments,’ says programme manager Bert Heerbaart. Read more ›

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Liandon now an official TenneT supplier

Amsterdam – Liandon has been officially recognised as a maintenance and management provider for the 110kV – 150kV high-voltage grid. The activities involved comprise high-voltage stations, lines and cables. Read more ›

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